Edinburgh West MP Christine Jardine has called on the government to clamp down on gender targeted pricing. 

In the Commons today (26/05) the Liberal Democrat MP pointed out that women are still paying up to 20 per cent more for basic goods and services than men do in many instances. 

It was Ms Jardine who first introduced a bill to remove the gender price gap more than two years ago, but it has been delayed because of the Covid-19 restrictions. 

According to an investigation in 2016, women and girls are charged, on average, 37% more for clothes, beauty products and toys. 

Ms Jardine warned: 

“It is plainly unfair that women have to pay more for many products than men do, while they also face a lifetime gap in what they earn compared to men.  

“Women have also been hardest hit by this pandemic so in many ways are facing a triple whammy, which is particularly difficult for vulnerable families who may find themselves paying more for things every month because they have daughters. 

“The Government has done very little in the 2 years since I introduced legislation to address this issue. They need to act now and ease the burden on families.” 

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