Edinburgh West MP Christine Jardine has called for more to be done to combat the surge in the number of pet thefts since the start of the pandemic.

Under current legislation, stealing someone’s pet in Scotland is not a standalone crime. The Scottish Government are set to review the current legislation but that could take as long as 2025.

Ms Jardine believes the law needs to change to acknowledge the “devastating impact” of pet thefts.

She said:

“The pandemic has seen a frightening escalation in pet thefts and the Scottish Government needs to bring forward legislation to address the very real concerns of pet owners with some urgency.

“A change in the law was already long overdue before the recent surge but the prospect of having to wait until 2025 is ludicrous.

“The trauma of having your pet taken from you, losing a much loved member of the family, is not comparable to having an item such as a mobile phone stolen.

“The law needs to go further and reflect the devastating impact pet thefts have on owners and the animals they care for.”

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