Jardine: Pausing and reviewing loan charge only responsible thing to do

By David Ronald Evans, May 24, 2019 11:05

Bank notes and coins.

Liberal Democrat MP, Christine Jardine, has today called on Ministers to pause the controversial 2019 Loan Charge and conduct an independent review.

The parliamentary group examining the impact of the retrospective tax has now received evidence of three sperate deaths of people facing the charge.

More than 100 people have been affected by the charge in Ms Jardine’s constituency of Edinburgh West.

Ms Jardine commented:

“There is now credible evidence that three people facing the Loan Charge have taken their own lives.

“More than 100 people in Edinburgh West have been affected by the charge, and many of them have spoken to me about the financial stress they are now facing as a result.

“In light of this evidence, I’m becoming increasingly concerned about the wellbeing of my constituents, and I think the only responsible option for ministers now is pause the charge, announce a delay and commission an independent review.”

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