Jardine raises local woman's case with Minister - again

The case of local woman Alexandra Mitchell, who has been messed about by the DWP over her motability car, has been raised with ministers by MP Christine Jardine - for the second time.

Last year the MP successfully fought Mrs Mitchell’s corner after DWP tried to claim that she was no longer entitled to her
motability car. Then they tried to impose a very short end date to her award – despite the fact that she has a lifetime disability.

This time Christine went straight to ministers and raised the issue directly with Secretary of State Amber Rudd, who is now looking at the case. 

Christine said: “While I was delighted that the minister agreed to look into the case I am disappointed that we are having to wait for yet another DWP mess to be fixed.

“Mrs Mitchell has been put through the most ridiculous stress for which there is absolutely no excuse.

“I will be keeping up the pressure until we have this sorted.”

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