Jardine says Universal Credit roll-out is car crash.

Liberal Democrat Scottish spokesperson Christine Jardine MP has today joined calls for a pause in the roll out of Universal Credit.

The Edinburgh West MP also called on Scottish Conservative MP’s not to push a million children into poverty.


Ms Jardine said:

“This poorly thought out policy has created a slow motion car crash. People who are waiting for payments are in risk of losing their home and in risk of being put in serious debt that they will struggle to get out of.


“Reports have shown that universal credit will push a million children into poverty by 2020. This surely cannot be the legacy that the Conservatives want to leave for future generations. I would urge the new group of Scottish Conservative MP’s to vote against their Government and make a stand on such a crucial issue.

“The minimum six week wait for peoples payments is not acceptable, and this shows the emptiness of Government claims that it's building a country that works for everyone.”


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