Jardine tables bill calling for cleaner air standards

Edinburgh West MP Christine Jardine has called for the targets set by the World Health Organisation for cleaner air to be met across the UK. The move comes in a bill tabled by the Lib Dem MP in Parliament.

It would ensure the UK’s clean air targets comply with World Health Organization guidelines and would also require the Government to report annually to Parliament.

Ms Jardine, who has been a long-time campaigner for clean air in her constituency of Edinburgh West, called on the Government to take the issue seriously.

She said:

“There are few things more important to our general health than the air that we breathe. I know from bitter personal experience, being brought up in an area where asbestosis is a major killer, that you don’t know if what you are breathing is toxic until it’s too late.

“That applies as much to the pollution from petrol and diesel engines as anything else, and in Edinburgh West that has been a particular problem along both St John’s Road and Queensferry Road.

“Living under lockdown restrictions over the past year we have all noticed the improvements in the quality of the air we have been breathing and benefits of clean air in our local communities.

“This Bill would ensure the Government is taking this issue seriously, establishing a framework for clean air targets and help to alleviate the burden on our NHS.”

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