Jardine: Tories need to stop hiding from the truth

Scottish Liberal Democrat MP Christine Jardine has today told the Conservatives to be honest over Brexit after she visited Brussels where she met several delegate including Guy Verhofstadt.

Ms Jardine said:


“It is clear from people in Brussels that platitudes mean little. The Conservatives attempt to soften their language has changed nothing with regards to their actions. They are still wanting to rip Britain out of the single market and they are still hiding from the economic reality of Brexit. Even when Mrs May tried to consolidate her position in Florence it was met with a downgrading of the UK’s credit rating.


“The total incompetence and infighting of the conservatives is pushing the United Kingdom towards a disastrous Brexit that will damage our country’s future. Why should it be up to Theresa May and her split cabinet to decide our future? Its time Theresa May came clean for the sake of our future generations and give them a say on the deal.


“Britain still has the chance to have a prosperous future, but that future should be in the hands of the British public.”

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