Jardine urges supermarkets to allow donation to foodbanks online

Christine Jardine MP has urged supermarkets to allow shoppers to donate to foodbanks online.

She said: “None of us want foodbanks to be necessary but many, many people who want to help them are finding it more difficult in this crisis.

"If you are not able to go to the supermarket, but want to donate food or essentials it would be useful if websites could include a section for you to do that.

"We know it’s possible, and there have been periods where some have done it, but it would be helpful if the supermarkets could make this a permanent feature.

"I recently visited the foodbank at Gogarburn which has been doing amazing work for communities across the Capital by distributing food, clothes and other essentials and so many people want to be able to help the more we can do to facilitate it the better.

“Alarmingly, we know food bank usage is projected to increase further due to the continued economic situation and second Covid wave, and this would be a way of helping meet that greater demand."

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