Jardine: Whisky Tariffs A Stark Warning for Brexit Future

Edinburgh West MP, Christine Jardine, has warned Parliament that a US tariff to be imposed on UK whisky exports is a ‘stark warning’ of things to come if we leave the European Union.

Single malt Scotch whisky exported to the United States is to face a tariff of 25% from 18 October, in the latest chapter in a 15-year battle between the US and the EU over illegal subsidies for plane manufacturers.

The tariffs were signed off by the World Trade Organisation (WTO), under whose rules the UK would be expected to trade with the EU if the country leaves without a deal.

Speaking in Parliament, Ms Jardine said:

“Edinburgh West is home to the world headquarters of Diageo, the producer of some of the best-selling spirits in the world.

“Around $440m of their revenue will be affected by these tariffs, and this is a stark warming to anyone that believes that trading on WTO rules will be easy or straightforward.

“Outside the EU single market and negotiating alone we will be vulnerable to even larger and more punitive tariffs, so I firmly believe that the best possible deal for Scottish exports is to stop Brexit and remain inside the European Union”.


Photo by Elevate on Unsplash

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