Commending the work of NHS Scotland

Yesterday I tabled a motion to Parliament commending the staff in our health and social care sector for all that they are doing for us during this very difficult time. We owe you our utmost thanks.

The work of NHS Scotland
EDM #304
Tabled 17 March 2020
2019-21 Session

That this House recognises the severity of the current coronavirus outbreak and its impact on health and social care services across the UK; notes that in Scotland, there are approximately 157,000 NHS staff for a population of 5,295,400; further notes that there are over 300 hospitals in Scotland; acknowledges the immense pressure that doctors, nurses and support staff working in Scotland’s NHS may face over the next few weeks or months in urban and remote areas alike; recognises the personal risk they are undertaking in carrying out their roles; and expresses its immense thanks and gratitude to these staff members for the work they are doing and will do during these difficult times.

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